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Hi, I am Casandra Sabou, the artist behind CS Art.

I grew up in a small city in the North of Transylvania, where the fairytales never end.

At age 9, my creativity started to bloom, through drawings, cut and paste with paper, painting on stones, sewing and any other ways I could use my imagination.

After years, during which, my life took another way, my creativity came knocking on the door again.

I have been focusing on painting for the last 3 years, trying to discover different techniques, mediums and styles.

Now I am an intuitive artist, which is a creative practice that release impulses usually corralled by the logical part of the brain, to make a work of art. This technique allows me to express myself through intuition in a spiritual way, that can help free the mind and heal the soul.
In a few Words, my work represents feelings I have experienced, expressed true colors and shapes.